is a freelance fashion and lifestyle journalist.

  • My new ElizabethMott products makes me feel like taking selfies
  • Can you believe that thanks to menstrual pads I went
  • Kinda getting the hang of this denim on denim thing
  • Its 3 days till Valentines Day do you have
Anna is on track to graduate summa cum laude at the University of Florida, where she is both president of the English Society and senior editor of her school’s pink-level Her Campus chapter. She has interned with Marie Claire U.K. and Advantage Publishing, a Gainesville-based magazine agency. She has published over 100 articles (mostly online, but that’s OK because that’s where the magazine industry is headed towards anyway).
Recently, Anna was asked what roll she got at Dragonfly, the best sushi restaurant in Gainesville. Mistaking the word “roll” for “role” in her university’s Shakespeare in the Park company, she responded, “Hero! We’re doing Much Ado About Nothing in the spring and I couldn’t be more thrilled.”
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