Hello, lovelies! Today’s post features the family and I’s spontaneous excursion to St. Augustine, Florida, last weekend. Besides my first legal drink with the ‘rents (margaritas all around, waiter), this day held another “first” for me: the first time I’ve ever dared to wear a wacky lipstick shade outside of the house. (Bloggers! We’re just like you — terrified of looking silly in public.) L’Oréal Paris’... (Read More)

  • Every June 5th, the Flagler Museum celebrates its anniversary by offering to the public a free one-day pass to Whitehall, Henry Morrison Flagler’s formidable Palm Beach home. What was once an elaborate wedding present for Flagler’s third wife (and what a gift that was!) is now accessible year round, and while Founder’s Day visitors are only granted access to Whitehall’s first floor and Flagler’s private railcar, they’re able... (Read More)

  • When you take on the decision to graduate college in three years, nobody ever tells you just how awkward it is to announce your year to new people. “Well, it’s my second year here, but I’m a junior in credits and I’m graduating early.” “Yeah, I’m graduating next year, but last year was my freshman year.” “Oh, you’re a junior, too? Well, no I don’t remember that thing that happened two years ago because... (Read More)

  • Happy International Women’s Day! Whether you’re joining a protest or strike, celebrating with your fellow women warriors, or choosing to #BeBoldForChange, I hope that you make the best out of your special day. (And men, don’t sulk — you can celebrate your own day too this November.) In celebration of IWD, I’ve decided to start up a new blog segment (Women Warrior Wednesday) dedicated to various aspects of female badassery in history,... (Read More)

  • Open up your hearts and your wallets: it’s almost Christmastime! If you’re still stuck on gift ideas for the important women in your life (from work wife to part-time baby-sitter), now is the time to stop procrastinating and start looking. Check out the list below—12 products for the 12 Days of Christmas—for some prime holiday gift inspiration. And no worries if you’re strapped for cash: all items are under $30. Happy shopping,... (Read More)

  • “This is meeting quite in fairy-land!” — Emma. Long before I entered college, I dreamed of having the perfect artsy college dorm room. A romantic, white bed canopy hovering just so above my elegantly sculptured bed, layers and layers of string lights hung across the room, and walls absolutely plastered with personal canvas artwork. Who knew I’d finally make my wishes come true this year? While I’ll always fondly reminisce about my freshman... (Read More)