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Whitehall: The Unofficial Palm Beach Palace

Posted inPhotography
onMay 17, 2017

Every June 5th, the Flagler Museum celebrates its anniversary by offering to the public a free one-day pass to Whitehall, Henry Morrison Flagler’s formidable Palm Beach home. What was once an elaborate wedding present for Flagler’s third wife (and what a gift that was!) is now accessible year round, and while Founder’s Day visitors are only granted access to Whitehall’s first floor and Flagler’s private railcar, they’re able... (Read More)

Fairyland Bedroom

Posted inPhotography
onSeptember 6, 2016

“This is meeting quite in fairy-land!” — Emma. Long before I entered college, I dreamed of having the perfect artsy college dorm room. A romantic, white bed canopy hovering just so above my elegantly sculptured bed, layers and layers of string lights hung across the room, and walls absolutely plastered with personal canvas artwork. Who knew I’d finally make my wishes come true this year? While I’ll always fondly reminisce about my freshman... (Read More)

Urban Graffiti

Posted inPhotography
onAugust 2, 2016

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you some pictures of my recent trip to Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida! If you haven’t heard of this place, I highly recommend you look it up right now (especially if you live in or around the Florida area!) since this place is absolutely gorgeous and super inspirational. Also, my Wynwood trip was featured lately on CollegeFashionista, so check it out here if you want a fun read on what I’m wearing! References... (Read More)

Meadow Daydream

Posted inPhotography
onMay 19, 2016

Today, I came across a beautiful meadow located in Hampton, Florida. Being lucky enough to get there while the brightly-colored yellow flowers were still in bloom, I rejoiced at the opportunity and, taking advantage of it, started snapping pictures! The magnificent tranquility of the scene that was laid out before me made me think of the following passage: “They now came upon more and more of the big scarlet poppies, and fewer and fewer of the other flowers; and... (Read More)

Exploring the Butterfly Rainforest

Posted inPhotography
onMarch 31, 2016

A word of warning: if you’re easily bugged out by images of insects, this post is not for you. Today, I went to the Florida Museum of Natural History located here in Gainesville, FL and spent about an hour just gawking at all of the dazzling butterflies in their special Butterfly Rainforest exhibit! I was pleasantly surprised to discover that these butterflies were anything but camera shy, and upon realization quickly proceeded to shove my camera lens as close... (Read More)

Spring Break

Posted inPhotography
onMarch 20, 2016

During last week’s wondrous mini-break of self-realization and newly-appointed goals, I also had the opportunity to get my old camera back and start snapping pictures! Further down are some images of the idyllic Worth Avenue over in Palm Beach, FL. For those of you who don’t know, Worth Avenue is basically the Rodeo Drive of the South. It’s been my own personal couture inspiration for quite a while now, having given me some truly insightful... (Read More)