Online Work

Because I have 90+ online articles, I’ve selected a representative grouping of my best work to showcase here. For an explanation of my work duties and learning experience, please look over my Curriculum Vitae instead!


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Personal Favorite: The Professor is “In”

Second Favorite: The Alt-Girl Lifestyle

Best Photography: Winter in Florida

First Article: Anna Burbano

Most Popular: Thoreau Away Your Sleeves; It’s Summer!


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Personal Favorite: 5 Ways to Smash the Patriarchy While Still Looking Fabulous

Second Favorite: How to Dress up Like Your Favorite Non-Disney Princesses (Part 1)

Best Layout: Holiday Party Dresses Inspired by The Nutcracker

Best Quiz: What’s Your Holiday Style?

Best of “Inspiration”: ’90s Throwback: The “Big Five” Supermodel Style

Best of “Trends”: How to Wear “Greenery,” Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year

Best of “Fashion Tips”: 4 Dos and Don’ts of Dressing for a Professional Interview

Best of “College Life”: The 4 Stages of Being Single in College (& a Valentine’s Day Movie for Each)

Best of “Shopping”: 15 Great Non-Book Gifts for Bibliophiles

First Article: 5 Street-Ready Looks Inspired by Hamilton: Part One

Most Popular: Best Dressed of Shiz University


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Personal Favorite: Fantastic Ms. Fitness

Second Favorite: Gothic Glam

Best Photography: Business B&W

First Article: The 6 Stages of Your Freshman Year at UF


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Personal Favorite: Her Experience: A Day at the Solidarity Rally

Second Favorite: Friendsgiving Potluck Recipes Anyone Can Cook

Best of “Where Are They Now?”: Ned’s Declassified

First Article: 5 Steps to Conquering a Fashion Breakdown